Multi-disc brakes

Brakes are generally used to hold or decelerate loads in drive systems.

For use as a safety brake, spring-operated versions are important to protect against the consequences of a power failure and because of their extremely short engagement times.

Typical areas of application are: lifting systems, positioning devices, machine tools.

With their diversity in design, technical conception and different designs, multi-plate clutches are universally suitable for drive solutions.

The range includes a wide range of maintenance-free brakes as well as brakes for switching clock, control and feed movements. According to the requirements, the discs are made of heat-treated steel or with sintered or friction material. Typical applications are: gearboxes of all kinds, main and positioning drives, Power Take Off (PTO) or winches.


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Hydraulically Operated Spring-Pressure Brake

Safety brake for hoisting equipment.


Electromagnetic Multi-Disc Brake

Brake with outerside-driver for the slow-down of the shaft against a idle gear part.


Electromagnetic Spring-Operated Brake

Single disc safety brake suited for the installation on motors, gear shafts and hoisting drums.


Electromagnetic Spring-Operated Multi Disc Brake

Safety brake for installation to gear boxes.


Electromagnetic Spring-Operated Multi Disc Brake

Safety clutch for drive systems with overload security.


Electromagnetic Spring-Operated Multi Disc Brake

Safety brake with central adjustment and manual release.