Single-surface systems

Single-face clutches enable economical drive solutions in mechanical engineering. Their application ranges from the drive switching of systems with non-uniform loads to the precise control of work cycles with a high switching frequency.

The program consists of maintenance-free pole friction clutches, as well as versions for high-performance switching with adjustable poll air gap as well as various special versions.

Particularly suitable for use with internal combustion engines. In recent years, these clutches have been used increasingly in hybrid systems and in alternative drives as well as in e-mobility. 



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Electromagnetic Single-Face Brake

Flange mounted brake with diaphragm plate to be connected to a shaft mounted driver.


Backlash-free Electromagnetic Spring-Pressure Brake

Holding brake with diaphragm and stationary fitted coil body.


Electromagnetic Single-Face Clutch

Flange mounted clutch with diaphragm plate to be connected to a shaft mounted driver.


Electromagnetic Stationary Field Single-Face Clutch

Pole face friction clutch with diaphragm plate to be screwed on the free wheeling gear part.


Electromagnetic Single-Face Diaphragm Clutch

Maintenance-free pole-friction clutch for high-duty operation, particularly suitable for operation with combustion engines.