took its rise as an independent company on January,1st 1988 due
to putting the worldwide known machine factory HEID AG into private
ownership. The HEID AG primarily was known because of the
production of high quality HEID - turning-lathes, as well as because
of the production of HEID - clutches and brakes over about 8 decades.

Standard - designs
single - and special - designs
identical to ZF - designs

     The location Stockerau contains 3 workshop halls for mechanical production, assembling, storehouse,
expedite and a newly established office building.
   The modern rationalized production, cooperation with reliable subcontractors, forced developementas
well as well trained workers and specialists ensure the well known quality of HEID - clutches and brakes,
which can be delivered in many different designs adapted to the customers needs.

   With the available designs of electromagnetically, hydraulically or pneumatically operated
multi-disc-clutches and multi-disc-brakes we are able to supply the whole field of machine production
and plants. The clutches and brakes are mainly produced in series, but a point of main effort is also
the development of special designs in all kind of sizes

   Due to a big number of representations we have extensive business relations at home as well
as in industrial countries all over the world. Our export ratio is placed between 80% and 90%,
which shows the excellent quality of HEID - clutches and brakes, that hold the field against
numerous competitors.

   The big number of permanent customers for HEID - Electromagnetic-Clutches and Electromagnetic-
-Brakes, Safety-Clutches, Tooth-Clutches, HEID - Multi-Disc-Brakes and Safety-Brakes as well as the many
countries with business transactions give security for further successful business.

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